More Savings & Flexibility with Networking & Data Center Equipment = The NHR Advantage

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Whatever it takes
At NHR, we believe the better we understand your network challenges, the better we can serve your network needs. Our certified sales and support staff is tasked with the singular focus to provide flexible solutions that deliver the value, speed, price, reliability, and support that best complements your network hardware, data center equipment, and maintenance strategies. From flexible plans and pricing to door-to-door fulfillment and recovery services, we do whatever it takes to meet and support your needs.

50%-90% OEM Savings
In today's economy we recognize that while performance and load needs continue to soar, budgets are tight. Our pre-owned and new surplus inventory offers you better than new performance (0.5% failure rate) at 50%-90% original equipment manufacturer savings.

Customized Solutions
Our sales engineers understand that custom networks require custom solutions. Our scalable solutions provide single component fulfillment to full network management services customized to meet and scale with your needs.

Flexible Plans
We understand network needs change over time. Our solutions offer flexible options and pricing to fit your organization's component and service needs and budget.

24x7 Global Service and Support
Whether supporting complex network configurations or individual equipment replacement, our 24x7 certified technical engineering teams based in the U.S., the Netherlands and Singapore, offer a rare industry balance of hands-on experience and helpful customer service. With our hardware maintenance and support offering, NetSure™, and our lifetime warranty, NHR offers you comprehensive, reliable coverage.

It’s nice to know that when you open a box from NHR, you know you’re not going to have to get on the phone to try and solve
a problem! - Dean Sharp, Customer since 2002